What can I do?

"What can I do?" is a question I've been asked a few times. I have some suggestions. In short, you can read more, tell others, and do something.

First, read more. Repeal.NET's Resource page lists a number of excellent websites that have a lot more information. The Insightful and Provocative page does as well. If you really want to get angry, start looking at The Wall on the November Coalition's page.

Of course, I think Repeal.NET is a great website too. I encourage you to look at the Notable Critics   page. I hope the broad spectrum of critics, from the right (Buckley) to the left (Chomsky) and in the mainstream (Cronkite, Hugh Downs), is persuasive. It's worthwhile to see what all of these folks have to say.

Second, tell other people. Tell everyone how you feel. If the topic comes up, tell people that prohibition doesn't work, that innocent people are being killed in the name of a policy that does not and cannot work. Send people e-mail asking them to look at my site (or another one if you like it better). I like to think of it as a "10-minute challenge". Ask people to spend 10 minutes reading one of these websites, and see if after 10 minutes, it's worth more of their time - to read more, etc.

Third, do something. Join ReconsiDer, or other groups that are active. Nothing in your locality? Form your own group or a local chapter of one of the larger groups. 

You could also give money to one or more of these groups. Repeal.NET doesn't  take contributions. Giving your time, effort, intelligence and energy  is far more valuable. It's also a lot harder. If you believe as I do, you know you must do something.

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