Stories of Corruption

One of the unfortunate consequences of prohibition is its corrupting influence. Alcohol prohibition caused widespread corruption in the US, most notably in Chicago with Al Capone. Police, prosecutors and judges were all involved in Capone's corrupt dealings. Today we know that corruption is deeply rooted in Columbia, Mexico, Venezuela, Peru, and other countries involved in international drug trafficking. Yet corruption inside our own country is not reported in the same way.

The following are reports of corruption involving police, prisons, and other related agencies. Most of these stories came from the Media Awareness Project . It would be easy to pass off these stories as "bad cops". It would also be unfair to the people who risk their lives every day to protect us, and overly simplistic. These stories are the result of bad policy. Prohibition has known consequences. Our policy makers have chosen prohibition with the knowledge that corruption will result. The blame for Vietnam lay not with the soldiers but with the generals and the politicians -- and the voters. The same is true with prohibition.

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